“For the first time in history the perception we have of the space around us has been mystified by the presence of a third observer. Not a man or a divine presence, but a machine: the camera. The use of Google Maps, Google Street View and other geo-localisation tools we’ve been making everyday use of for the last decade, has altered the perception we have of physical space with its virtual representation.



Thanks to Google Street View we can find a very realistic representation of a specific location.



But what happens when the medium doesn’t deliver the message correctly?4o4 explores cases in which images found through Google Street View have digital and technical display errors, altering the entities of space and matter.



The project consists of a set of images that are interpreting these, playing with the idea of reinventing a virtual space which can be seen as very real and surreal at the same time.” 


“4o4″ by Iheardyou.studio on Washing Machine Magazine ISSUE TWO / DELICATES WASH wash page 16


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